His Dark Materials

his dark materials

Season 2 of "His Dark Materials" on HBO wraps up in a few days and I am obsessed with this show! Based on a book series of the same name by Philip Pullman, it follows the adventures of Lyra as she comes of age and sets out to fulfill her destiny.

By far the coolest part of this show are the daemons. In Lyra's world, every person is born with an animal or daemon. When they are a child the daemon can change shape but once they go through puberty their daemon settles into its final form. The daemons can talk and are a reflection of each character's true self. One cannot survive without the other.

During the first season, Lyra searches for her best friend who has gone missing and learns all sorts of secrets about her parents and the evil powers in her world. She also acquires an object called an alethiometer, which few people in the world can read but Lyra reads it effortlessly. It answers her questions and guides her path.

As Lyra becomes more powerful in the second season, so does her daemon. I'm salivating to know what her daemon will be! Will, someone from our world, meets Lyra on a third world (no daemons here either) and they move between worlds trying to find out about dust and find Will's father. I also need to know if Will is going to get a daemon if he goes to Lyra's world and what is it going to be! I'm totally obsessed with the daemons.

Ok there is your taste. You can find this show on HBO or at your local library.