Native Americans, Drug Addiction, Romance

Just before Daunis is set to start her freshman year of college, tragedy strikes when her best friend is murdered by her meth-head boyfriend. Daunis soon realizes her Ojibwe community is riddled with addiction and she is willing to do anything to find out who is behind the distribution.,


Graphic Novel, Iran, Autobiography

Marjane Satrapi chronicles her life growing up in Iran during the 1980s and 1990s. Her life is a constant state of war as different regimes fight for control of power. This is a true story. 

My 2021 Reads

long way down

Top Read

Loss, Street Life, Gun Violence

Will's brother has just been murdered, and Will knows who did it. With his brother's gun stuffed into the back of his jeans, he takes an elevator ride eight floors down, visited by ghosts of his past all trying to stop him. 


Top Read

Friendship, Coming of Age, LGBTQ+

Ari and Dante are two outsiders that become fast friends the summer they are fifteen. The story follows their friendship over the next two years as they find themselves and each other. 


Retelling, Dystopia, Romance

Cinderella with a twist. Cinder is a cyborg mechanic falling in love with the clueless handsome prince. As an extra twist, a deadly plague is sweeping through the country, and an evil moon queen threatens to destroy everyone. 


Short Stories, New York, Romance

Six interweaving romances are told throughout the course of one night where all of New York City is under a blackout. One of these is sure to make you swoon. 

one of the good

Sisters, Social Justice, Road Trip

When Happi's social activist sister Kezi dies, she goes on a road trip that Kezi had planned on taking using the famed Green Book. With their sister Genny and Kezi's best friends along for the ride, the four attempt to heal each other as they make sense of what happened. 

dear martin

Police Brutality, Stereotyping, Friendship

After being wrongly placed in handcuffs, Justyce starts to see his school, his friends, and his life with a new perspective. He writes letters to Dr. King as an outlet for his pain and suffering. 


Feminism, Friendship, Activism 

Vivian is done letting things go. Together with her friends she leads a movement against her sexist classmates and administration to point out the everyday sexism experienced by her and her classmates. 


Top Read

Dragons, Friendship, Combat

Dragon riding is no longer a birthright. The old regime was overthrown and killed or excited. Now everyone can test to be a dragon rider. Lee and Annie are the best riders in their class, but Lee has a secret. His family was among those cast out and now they are coming back to reclaim their thrones. He must choose a side. 

an ember

Prophecy, Fantasy, Trials

Elias is his school's finest soldier and competing to become the next emperor, but he doesn't want it. He hates the empire and everything it stands for. Laia is a commoner trying to infiltrate the empire to save her brother. Elias' and Laia's paths are fated to cross and intertwine. 

as you wish

Wishes, Small Town, Friendship

Eldon's hometown of Madison is hidden in the desert and has a powerful secret. There is a wishing cave where everyone is allowed one wish on their 18th birthday. Eldon's birthday is in three weeks, and he is torn between his parents dreams and his own.  

grace year

Dystopia, Patriarchy, Myths

Tierney, along with all the other 16 year-old girls, are being banished to a remote spot in the woods to live alone for a year to rid themselves of the magic they possess. Not everyone survives the grace year, but those that do can hope to be a wife at best or forced into hard labor at worst. 

book thief

Top Read

World War II, Childhood, Death

Death saw the Book Thief three times, and on the third time she left something behind. It was a book that told of her years living in Nazi Germany with her foster family. It was a story so fascinating even death could not stop reading. 

the assignment

Overcoming Adversity, Social Justice, Advocacy

Logan and Cade are horrified when a teacher assigns the class a project where they must sympathize with the Nazis and The Final Solution. Together, they stand up to their teacher and principal in order to get the assignment canceled. 


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My 2022 Reads


Music Industry, Abuse, Kidnapping

Enchanted thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world when superstar Korey Fields chooses her to go on tour with him. The fairy tale quickly turns into a nightmare until one day Enchanted wakes up with his blood on her hands.


Dystopia, Genetic Engineering, War

Far into the future war is a way of life for the citizens of Mara, one of the only nations that hasn't fallen to the Karensa Federation. Talin is an elite soldier who risks everything to save the life of an enemy soldier.


Magic, King Arthur, College

After Bree's mother dies she enrolls in an elite college prep program that is part of a college campus. She discovers her strange ability to see magic others can't. Soon she part of a secret society of Legendborns, her own powers growing.


Sisters, San Antonio, Ghosts

A year after the eldest Torres sister dies, the three younger sisters are haunted by her ghost. Each have been grieving in their own way but now must come together to understand what their sister is trying to tell them.

My 2020 Reads

Top Read

Racism, Antiracism, You

A history-not-history book about the beginnings of racism and racism in the United States 


Argentina, Soccer, First Love

Camila's parents want her to be a doctor but she wants to be a professional soccer player. She must find a way to tell them her dreams while navigating her way through her first love.

Eleanor and park

2020 Top Read

1980's, First Love, Child Abuse

When Park offers the new, weird girl a seat next to him on the bus, the two slowly form a friendship that blooms into first love.

dear justyce

Juvenile Detention, Abuse, Friendship

Quan is awaiting trial for the murder of a cop that he's confessed to. While he waits, he corresponds with a childhood friend and works toward getting his G.E.D.

5th wave

Alien Invasion, Death, War

After an alien invasion wipes out 97% of the planet, Cassie and her brother seek shelter with other survivors. But when the fourth wave hits, her father is killed and she loses her brother. She must make a treacherous journey to find her brother while waiting for what new horrors the 5th wave will bring. 

midnight sun

The Hits: Vampires, Romance, Family

Relive Twilight through Edward's eyes. Get to know the Cullens in a way you've never heard them before. An inside look at Edwards torment between loving Bella and trying to keep her human. 


The Hits: Adventure, Magic, Supernatural Creatures

Emily is caught between the world she grew up in and the world she is from. She and her bondsmate, a doberman which she can speak to telepathically, must travel to another world to find out who she really is. 


The Hits: Vampires, Death, Survival

Modern day vampire story where vampires are forced to live in coldtowns, locked away from the rest of the world. If you are unlucky enough to be bitten, you have to resist drinking blood for 80 days or you'll become one too. A near impossible task. 


The Hits: Friendship, The 90's, The Future

In the year 1997, Emma is a junior in high school and finally gets the internet. For some reason when she sets up her new computer, there is a link to Facebook where can sign in and see posts from her future self. With the help of her best friend and neighbor they try to fix Emma's troubled future without changing too much. 

girl in blue coat

The Hits: Holocaust, War, Mystery

Hanneke lives in Amsterdamin in 1943 where Jews are disappearing every day. She makes her living selling items on the black market. One day she is asked to find a missing girl and stops at nothing to find out what happened to her. 

history of us

The Hits: Native Americans, U.S. History, Nonfiction

Before Europe claimed lands in the U.S., Native Americans had already settled the land. Learn about who they were, their way of life, and how their lands were taken from them. 

one of us

The Hits: Rap, Facing Adversity, Friendship

Bri is on the come up, on the verge of blowing up in world of rap music. With a murdered rap legend father and gang banger aunt as her mentor, Bri must choose what kind of artist she wants to be. 

The Hits: Murder Mystery, Secrets, Depression

Five teens mysteriously end up in detention together and one of them doesn't make it out alive. All eyes are on the four survivors as to who done it. Soon the whole world is watching and the police can't decide which one is responsible, because they all have something to hide. 

i hunt killers

The Hits: Serial Killers, Mystery, Detective Work

When a serial killer starts murdering women in his home town, Jas is the only one that can stop him. Jas understands killers, after all his father is one and trained him to follow in his footsteps.

on the come up

2020 Top Read

The Hits: Friendship, Child Abuse, Missing Children

When Claudia's best friend goes missing, she stops at nothing to find out what happened even if no one is willing to listen to her. Inspired by real events.

call down

The Hits: Supernatural, Mystery, Dreams

Spin-off to The Raven Cycle, focusing on Ronan and his two brothers as they navigate in a very dangerous supernatural world. Introducing new dreamers, new mysteries, and new dangers from the eloquent pen of master storytelling Maggie Stiefvater. 

this is not

The Hits: Resurrection, Friendship, First Love

Everyone gets to resurrect one person from the dead on their 18th birthday. With Lake's birthday three weeks away, her boyfriend and best friend are killed in a car crash and she must choose who to bring back. 


The Hits: Ghosts, Murder, Hauntings

Hendricks has just moved to town with her parents and baby brother. She soon learns a murder was committed in her house and then strange things begin to happen. 

My 2019 Reads

both die

Top Read

The Hits: Death, Friendship, Life

Mateo and Rufus are barely 18 years old and they are both going to die today. Together they vow to live their last day to the fullest, surrounded by the people they love.

field guide

Top Read

The Hits: Texas, Hockey, Teen Stuff

Snarky, sarcastic, witty, and an enjoyable ride. A Haitian teen from Canada adjusts to his new life in blazing hot Texas, judging everyone and everything that gets in his path. This story is teen with a capital T. First jobs, crushes, cheerleaders, jocks, drinking, and of course a disastrous prom.


Top Read

The Hits: Zombies, Post-Civil War Era, Combat

An alternate history of the United States where the zombie apocalypse begins in the middle of the civil war, abruptly ending it. Young black men and women are trained to kill zombies and hired by white families for protection. 

ready player

Top Read

The Hits: Video Games, 1980's, Virtual Reality

The future is bleak and logging into the OASIS is not just an escape for seventeen year old Wade, its and obsession. After he cracks the first clue in the game's billion dollar contest, his entire life changes. 

finding audrey

The Hits: Anxiety, Romance, Family

After a case of extreme bullying, Audrey is left crippled by anxiety and shut away in her home. With the help of a new friend, she begins to take steps toward recovery and cope with the affects of her illness. 


The Hits: Romance, Mystery, Acting

Lacey is an up and coming actress that has just scored her first movie role, opposite teen heartthrob Grant James. Filming starts and a series of weird coincidences convince Lacey someone is out to ruin her shot at fame.

love and lies

The Hits: Arranged Marriages, Bengali, LGBT

When Rukhsana's parents find out she has a girlfriend, they trick her into traveling to their homeland of Bengal where she is forced to find a suitable husband. 

we set the night on fire

The Hits: Arranged Marriage, Civil War, Social Classes

When Dani graduates at the top of her class from the Medio School for Girls, she is married to the country's most eligible man, likely the next president of Medio. But for every husband, there are two wives. Carmen, Dany's classmate and enemy, is married to him as well. Pressured from a rebel group to sneak information to support their cause for equality, Dany must choose allegiances and who to trust.


The Hits: Romance, Time Travel, Friendship

To be young and in love, that is what they say, but what happens when you fall in love with someone right before they die? When Kate dies, Jack is thrust back in time, reliving their romance again and again, hoping to do the one thing that might save her.

dear evan

The Hits: Prejudice, Basketball, Friendship

Rashad is wrongfully accused and arrested for theft when a woman trips over him a gas station. While Rashad recovers, his classmates takes sides, dividing friendships, and forcing everyone to examine the big picture. 

all american

The Hits: Suicide, Anxiety, Deception

An unlikely turn of events places Evan Hansen in the center of a family's grief after their son commits suicide. When Evan tries to comfort them, his lies spiral out of control.

kill kingdom

The Hits: Sea Creatures, Royals, Pirates

Enter the world where sirens, both mesmerizing and deadly, rule the seas and take human hearts as trophies. When Lira, princess of the undersea, meets her match in Elian, a human pirate prince, can they stop from killing each other?


The Hits: Somali, Jihadi, Terrorism

This story jumps back and forth in time telling three stories of 16 year old Abdi: who he was before his brother was kidnapped by the jihadi, who he became when an American government agency forced him to join the jihadi as well to find his brother, and what's left of him after he escapes from them.

field note

The Hits: Romance, Travel, College

Fate has brought Hugo and Mae together from opposite sides of the world on a cross country train ride. Hugo is desperate to break free of his family and scripted future, while Mae is searching for a piece of herself she can't quite find.


The Hits: Murder, Mystery, Homecoming

Ellery is a crime obsessed teen sent to live in her mother's haunted hometown for four months with her brother Ezra. Tragedy strikes on the first night. When threatening messages begin appearing all over town, Ellery tries to hunt down the killer. 

the falling

The Hits: Fame, Music, Depression

Roxie has been on the road with her superstar boyfriend for two years. He is about to start his second tour when she starts seeing drastic changes in him. Then he disappears. 


The Hits: Adventure, Darwinism, Government Corruption

Sometime far in the future, cities are no longer stationary. They travel across continents eating other cities to survive. Only the strongest prevail. When Tom is cast out of his beloved London, he begins a dangerous journey across what's left of the continent. 

My 2018 Reads


Top Read

The Hits: Fantasy, Faerie World, Monarchy

Jude is a human living in the faery realm. Unlike her half fae sister Taryn, Jude wants to stay and earn her place among the high court. She must prove herself worthy and withstand the cruel treatment of prince Cardan and his friends.   

hate u give
Top Read

The Hits: Urban, Activism, Teen Murder

Star leads two lives. There is the Star that attends a nearly all white private school and the Star that works at her dad's grocery store in Garden Heights. When she witnesses her childhood friend gets shot and killed by a police officer, her worlds collide as she stands up for what is right. 

Top Read

The Hits: Rape, Activism

Chessy Prout's memoir is the survival story of a fourteen-year-old  that was raped by a senior at her boarding school. Chessy talks about life before and after the assault. Now college bound, Chessy works as an activist for survivors all over the country. 


The Hits: Mental Illness, Friendship, Present Day

Sixteen-year-old Solomon is agoraphobic and hasn't left his home in years. Lisa is trying to earn a scholarship to one of the best psychology programs in the country.  She needs to write an essay about her personal experience with mental illness. Now all she has to do is befriend Solomon and cure him. 

to all the obys

The Hits: Sisters, Love Triangle, Friendship

Lara Jean has written five love letters that she never intends on sending. When the letters get out, she pretends to be dating the cutest boy in school so her real crush will think she's moved on.

six of crows

The Hits: Crime, Gangs, Heist

Fantasy novel about a teen gang attempting a deadly heist. Each brings their own unique abilities and baggage on a journey that takes them to an impenetrable castle. If they succeed, they can buy their freedom and fulfill their dreams.

all the crookedsaints

The Hits: 1960's, Folklore, Miracles

Maggie Stiefvater does it again! She is so brilliant. A beautiful tale with heroic characters that reads like a folk story. Thom Rivera truly brings these characters to a proper light with his incredible narration.

book of dust

The Hits: Adventure, Courage, Fantasy

Malcolm's home town is being overtaken by religious radicals when a storm like no other strikes. Malcolm and his fierce companion Alice must use his canoe to save Lyra, an infant at the center of it all. 


The Hits: Illness, Family, 1970's

The story of one family's struggle through a mother's illness in the late 1970's and how it nearly destroys them all. Great book club book!


Hits: Mystery, Germany, Friendship

Pepper and Molly team up to find out who killed Ava Dreyman, a cold war teen martyr. They rely on her published diary and their internet sleuthing skills to solve the mystery. 


The Hits: Murder Mystery, Girls Prep School, LGBTQ

Kay has a lot of great things going for her. She's at the top of the popularity food chain, and college scouts are watching all her soccer games. When Kay and her friends find fellow Bates student Jessica Lang dead, Kay's well kept secrets come crashing down on her.


The Hits: Mystery, Magic, Thriller

Caraval is a game that Scarlett has been waiting her entire life to play, but it is nothing like she imagined. Her sister is being kept captive by the Legend, the game maker. With the help of sailor, Scarlett must compete to find her sister before it's too late.


The Hits: Romance, Fantasy, Music

Wintersong is a love story filled with music of the violin and piano. It has goblins and a mysterious underworld. Wintersong is the first book in a series.

My 2017 Reads


Top Read

The Hits: Scifi, Fates, Combat

Two nations living on one planet come to a head when the fates of their children are revealed. Akos and his brother Elijah are taken by the Shotet king as he attempts to avoid his own fate. Akos befriends Cyra, sister to the king and vows to find a way to escape and bring his brother home. 

57 bus

Top Read

The Hits: Non Fiction, LGBTQ+, Hate Crime

Every story has two sides. On November 4, 2013, two teens rode home on the 57 bus like any other day. It was a prank, a cruel prank that went horribly wrong, showing us that there is a bigger problem here, and it's killing our youth. 


The Hits: Combat, Zombies, Apocalypse

In a post apocalyptic New York, tribes of kids live underground in the remains of subway system. They fight the freaks that roam the tunnels in order to catch their food for their survival. Deuce is fifteen and has just been made a huntress, but her world is about to change. As freaks become smarter, her enclave must adapt or die.


The Hits: Dystopia, Special Abilities, Romance

Juliette can kill people with just one touch. After being locked away for nearly a year, Juliette is released by a military sector that has plans to use her gifts for their own gain. Her only hope for escape is Adam, a schoolmate she hasn't seen in years.


The Hits: Assassins, Sword Fights, Magic

Calaena Sardothien is a deadly assassin imprisoned for her crimes. The prince of Adarlan offers Calaenan her freedom if she can win a contest of champions and serve as his father's assassin.

My Other Reads

true diary

The Hits: Native Americans, Reservation, Adversity

Junior tries to break free of reservation life by attending an all white school. Based on the author's real life experience. 

children of blood and bone

The Hits: Magic, Nigeria, Monarchy

This fantasy takes you on an adventure following Zelie, a magi (one who has magic). She is on a mission to restore magic with her brother and the princess of Orisha. The only thing that stands in their way is the prince, heir to Orisha, who has vowed to destroy magic. 

looking for alaska

The Hits: Boarding School, Mischief, Love

Miles begins boarding school during his Junior year and must learn the social order. He meets the Colonel and Alaska, who show him the ropes and introduce him to a slew of unhealthy habits. 

The raven boys

The Hits: Paranormal, Forbidden Love, Friendship

The Raven Cycle is a four book series set in Virginia. Four teens set out to find a King hidden within their town. 


The Hits: Sudden Life Changes, Mental Illness, Relocation

When Tiffany's mom dies everything changes. She moves across the country to live with the father she never knew existed and struggles to adjust to her new family, new school and father's strict rules. All the time wondering if the man that knocked on her door a few days ago is her real father. 

what if its us

The Hits: Relationships, LGBTQ, New York

After a chance meeting in New York, Ben and Arthur can't stop thinking about each other. The odds of being reunited seem impossible. When they finally reconnect, they only have a few weeks to make the most of it.


The Hits: Realistic Fiction, Friendship, Child Abuse, Loss of Loved Ones

During Adam's senior year he reconnects with his freshman foster brother who he hasn't seen in five years. All is not well with Julien who needs Adam more than ever. 


The Hits: Royalty, Scotland, Fame

When Daisy's sister becomes engaged to the heir to the Scottish thrown, she is pulled into the world of royalty and paparazzi. Sent to Scotland for the summer, she quickly becomes the subject of royal gossip after being photographed with the younger prince who just happens to be the most eligible seventeen-year-old in Scotland. 


fallen academy

The Hits: Angles & Demons, Supernatural Powers, Combat

The war in heaven has made its way to Earth, and humans are caught in the crossfire. Many have been infected with demon or angle powers, including children. Brie's powers have been dormant, thanks to the angels that allowed her to have a normal childhood. Now that she's eighteen, her powers are about to be activated.


The Hits: Space Travel, Alien Encounters, Camaraderie

Definitely a read for hard core Sci-fi lovers. The plot of this story is completely unique—pairing a human with a giant celestial being/spaceship. Together they travel the universe and bond in unique ways. 

final six

The Hits: Space Exploration, Environment, Competition

Dystopia scifi set in a future where Earth's environment is killing off the population. Twenty-four teens from countries all over the world have been chosen to compete for 1 of 6 spots on a mission to Europa. The survival of the human race depends on choosing the right candidates. 

ryans bed

The Hits: Romance, Suicide, Twins

Mackenzie's life is turned upside down when her identical twin sister commits suicide days after moving to a new town. Her brother is sent away and parents barely look at her.  Her only comfort is Ryan, the boy she met the day Willow died. 

the upside of unrequeted

The Hits: Relationships, Sisters, Family

This books is so hip! From the cookie dough mason jars to finding the perfect emoji, Becky Albertalli knows whats up. This is totally a day in the life of a teen and a very enjoyable read from a perspective authors don't write enough about. 


The Hits: Diving, Premonitions, Psychology

It's been a year since Theo's dad died in a car accident and three years since his mom never made it out of their burning house. Despite his losses, Theo is a top diver and scholar. When Theo begins recovering memories from childhood and the night of the fire, everything changes. He can't dive and doesn't know who to trust. 

The Hits: 1960's, Gangs, Friendship

Two rival gangs brawl, ending the life of one teen and sending two others on the run. 


The Hits: Sci-fi, War

In a time far in the future, genius kids are recruited to the military for the upcoming space war against the buggers. Ender has been chosen as Earth's last hope. Recruited at the age of six, Ender begins a journey that will make him the best commander Earth has ever seen.

the giver

The Hits: Dystopia, Adolescence, Friendship

Future society where children are given an occupation on their twelfth birthday. Jonas is assigned the most important placement in the community, receiver of memories.